Project Potential Research at Ministerial level: “Research on improving light trap equipment to kill insects harmful to agricultural and forestry crops with high efficiency and using solar power.”


Under research program: (of) Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Funding institution: Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

Research lead organization: Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences

Research implementation unit: Research Institute of Forest Industry

Research leader: PhD. Le Xuan Phuc

Implementation time: 2022-2023



– Design and manufacture an improved multifunction light trap device that can kill harmful insects on agricultural and forestry crops with different biological characteristics and sizes. It should have the following features: can operate in places without electricity; can be installed on steep hills, soft and bumpy ground (up to 20 – 25 cm high) or hung on trees; easy to assemble quickly by hand, fold and transport easily; automatic and remote operation control; recharge from solar power and other power sources; be electrically safe in environments with high humidity and unusual thunderstorms; be 1.5 to 2 times more efficient than the light trap currently in production in terms of number of species, number of animals and operating radius.

– Design and manufacture a set of solar charging equipment for the Light Trap with a power source capacity of (10-12) kWh/day and charging capacity 180- 200 Ah; install on the ground of yards and gardens at forest protection stations and plant protection stations.

– Develop a set of technical instructions for use and maintenance of the improved Light Trap equipment and the Solar Power Charger for the Light Trap.


    1. Research to improve light trap devices which are highly effective in eliminating insects that damage plants in places without electricity.
    • New research: a high-voltage pulse generator which can adjust the voltage intensity for the electric discharge insect killer and the Light Trap controller using mobile phone text messages using DC power;
    • Design of a small and light insect killer and pheromone-attracting diffuser using a fan; Light trap control system with automatic timer and remote control by mobile phone; and the entire electrical system of the Light Trap
    • Improve mechanical structure, design and manufacture of the new Light Trap models
    1. Research, design and manufacture a solar charger for an improved Light Trap

    Including: improved solar power generation equipment with high efficiency electricity generation and solar power charging equipment for the Light Trap installed synchronously together.

    1. Testing and evaluating research equipment in production conditions
    • Testing to evaluate the performance of the improved Light Trap control system, the electric discharge insecticide system, and other technical parameters.
    • Contrast testing of the insecticidal ability of the improved Light Trap compared to the light trap in production (in terms of number of insect species, total number of individual insects killed, effective radius of action) in planted fields of vegetables and fruit trees, rice fields and pine forests.

    Testing the Solar Charging Equipment for Light Traps on electricity generation capacity (in kWh/day) and charging capacity for Light Traps (in Ah) during hot summer days and sunny dry winter days.

    1. 4. Develop a set of technical guidance documents for the operation and technical maintenance of the improved Light Trap equipment and the Solar Power Charging Equipment Set for the Light Trap.


    1. The improved Light Trap device has achieved the following requirements:

    – The trap can kill insects in places without electricity, uses 12V battery power, and operates continuously for 6 – 7 hours.

    – The trap integrates 3 methods to attract insects (lure distant insects with white or yellow lights placed outside the trap, strongly attract nearby insects to fly into the trap with UV lights and pheromones placed in the trap) and 3 insecticide solution (by high-voltage discharge, by blower and water tray placed under the high-voltage discharge plates and fans).

    – Control the operation of the Light Trap remotely with a mobile phone by sending SMS messages and automatically control the timer to arbitrarily change the start and end times of the operation depending on the night activity of the insects.

    – Can be disassembled into 2 structural assemblies to be hung on trees, folded in a water tray, easily transported on forest roads and fields by motorbike, etc. and quickly reassembled by hand on steep hillsides, soft uneven ground.

    – The effectiveness of traps to kill insects that harm plants are much higher than imported light traps and light traps in production in Vietnam which use UV lights, killing species with very different biological characteristics and sizes (including hoppers as small as 1 mm in size). In comparison with previous traps the new model attracts and kills

    + 2.08 -3.0 times the number of species, and 4.25- 4.55 times the total number of insects when utilised in vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchards.

    + 1.59 – 2.04 times in number of species, and 2.10 – 2.20 times the number of total insects when utilised in rice fields.

    + 2.02 times the total number of adult pine caterpillars, 1.75 – 1.89 times the number of insect species and 1.89 – 2.36 times the total number of insects when utilised in the pine forest.

    – The operating radius is 2.33 times greater than that of a production light trap using a UV lamp of the same power.

    1. Equipment to enable charging the Light Trap from solar energy, placed on the yard or garden floor, applicable to Forest Protection Stations and Plant Protection Stations far from the mains power source.

    – The mounting frame for the panels can be rotated by hand around the East-West axis according to the months of the year and the North-South axis according to the hours of the day, creating a surface of the panels that is always perpendicular to the sun’s rays.

    – Using domestically available solar panels, electricity generation capacity reaches 12.77 kWh/day, electricity generation efficiency is 62.4% higher than solar power generation equipment in production (during hot summer days). summer) and 27.1% (during dry winter days).

    – Can simultaneously charge 09 – 12 Improved light traps or 12V/ (270 ÷ 360) Ah batteries; current intensity stability 90 ÷ 100%; Ensures sufficient charging voltage even when it is cloudy in the early morning and late afternoon.

    -Automatically cuts off the electrical circuit to protect safety when overload, short circuit, output voltage of the battery panel is below 15 V and when the battery is fully charged (12.6V)

    3 The equipment is manufactured entirely domestically, operates stably and is electrically safe,

    1. A set of technical instructions for use and maintenance of the improved Light Trap device and a set of solar charging equipment for the Light Trap have been developed. The document is comprehensive, logical, and suitable for farmers, agricultural and forestry workers to understand.

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