MOU Signed Between VAFS and MBFP

In order to promote the application of scientific and technological research results to implement forestry development projects in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences and the Management Board for Forestry Projects discussed needs for cooperation between the two parties. On that basis, afternoon 15 October 2013, at VAFS office in Hanoi, the two parties signed the memorandum of cooperation for forestry development in Vietnam. Attending the ceremony, representatives of VAFS are … [Read more...]

Demonstration Models of RENFODA Project

  Demonstration models   • Model 1 : Provenance trial for native trees • Model 2 : Agroforestry model • Model 3-5 : Mix plantation of Bamboo and native trees • Model 6-12:Mix plantation of Acacia and native trees • Model 13-16 Enrichment models • Model 17 Mix plantation with fodder plant There are total 17 models have been eshtablised in the area of 63ha during 2004 - 2005. … [Read more...]

Map of Hoa Binh Province and Target Area

RENFODA - JICA project   Large View   Project Target Area   Large View List of the target communes located in the Watershed Area of Hoa Binh Dam, Hoa Binh Province. Target District Target Commune Target District Target Commune Đà Bắc District Đồng Nghê Commune Mai Châu District Tân Mai Commune Suối Nánh Commune Phúc Sạn Commune Mư­ờng Tuổng … [Read more...]

Rehabilitation of Natural Forest in Degraded Watershed Area in the North of Vietnam – RENFODA

Introduction The 661 Program is to reforest 5million hectare by 2010 in Vietnam, including 2million ha of Special Use and ProtectionForests. Out of the 2 million ha, 1million each will be reforested through plantation and natural regeneration. RENFODA project was designed to enhance the effort to increase national forest cover through the 661 Program by the development of the silvicultural techniques for natural forest rehabilitation. Project Purpose Sets of technically appropriate and … [Read more...]

List of International cooperation Projects implemented in 2008

No Projects Implementing organization Partners Year 1 Rehabilitation of natural forest in degraded watershed area in the north of Vietnam (Research component) FSIV JICA 2003-2008 2 Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalupt sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: Sawing and Drying Forest Industry Research and Technology Transfer Centre; Forest Products Preservation Research Div. … [Read more...]

Projects implementing at Forest Science Institute of Viet Nam (2000 2006)

No Name of project Donor Year Result 1 Aforestation technology development on acid sulphate soil in the Mekong delta JICA   1997-2002 - Establishment over 100 ha of research models and Melaleuca, Acacia, Eucalyptus Demonstration models on acid sulphate soil in the Mekong delta. - Establishment technical procedure and organising trainings for development technique of planting Melaleuca 2 Establishment of the demonstration … [Read more...]

National Forestry Strategy for the period 2006 2020

Vietnam has a natural area of over 33.12 million hectares, of which 12.6 million ha of forests and 6.16 million ha of barren land are targeted for agriculture and forestry production. Thus, the forestry sector has been managing and running production activities on the largest area of land, as compared with other sectors in the national economy. The forest land area is distributed mainly in the mountainous and hilly areas of the entire country, where 25 million people from different ethnic groups … [Read more...]

Law on forest protection and development

ORDER No. 25/2004/L-CTN OF DECEMBER 14, 2004 ON LAW PROMULGATION THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIALISTREPUBLIC OF VIETNAMPursuant to Articles 103 and 106 of the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which was amended and supplemented under Resolution No. 51/2001/QH10 of December 25, 2001 of the Xth National Assembly, the 10th session; Pursuant to Article 91 of the Law on Organization of the National Assembly; Pursuant to Article 50 of the Law on Promulgation of Legal Documents, HEREBY … [Read more...]


Publication     John Fryer   Senior Forestry Adviser Forest Science Institute of Vietnam The reputable journal Science (23 December 2005) contained a report written by 10 authors from seven institutions from USA, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina, with the following title and abstract: ‘Trading Water for Carbon with Biological Carbon Sequestration’ *Robert B. Jackson, Esteban G. Jobbagy, Roni Avissar, Somnath Baidya Roy, Damian J. Barrett, Charles W. Cook, … [Read more...]

Setting up a Monitoring & Evaluation System for the Project for Rehabilitation of Natural Forestin DegradedWatershed Areas in the North of Vietnam

During the first phase of the mission, the consultants were to familiarize with the project’s strategy, organization structure, activities and, more specifically, survey current field activities such as demonstration, silvilcultural experiment, on -farm trials and nursery. In addition, the consultants visited following selected forestry-related projects to assess their M&E system and learn experiences: · Five Million Reforestation Project (Standing Office for Central Steering … [Read more...]