Projects implementing at Forest Science Institute of Viet Nam (2000 2006)

No Name of project Donor Year Result
1 Aforestation technology development on acid sulphate soil in the Mekong delta JICA   1997-2002 – Establishment over 100 ha of research models and Melaleuca, Acacia, Eucalyptus Demonstration models on acid sulphate soil in the Mekong delta. – Establishment technical procedure and organising trainings for development technique of planting Melaleuca
2 Establishment of the demonstration plantation model for rural watershed area in Dan Chu village NGF (Janpan) 1999-2003 Establishment 40.7 ha of native plantation model, 2 OFT models in Dan Chu village – Hoa Binh province
3 Research on tree improvement SIDA 2000-2002  – Sellecting trees, hybridizing, propagating some main trees. – Establishment some social models for preservation some threaten tree species
4 Exhancing materials producing ability for tree improvement in Vietnam through using genetic technique   2000-2002 Exhancing research ability (training and equipment). Identification genetic charecteristic of Acacia clones by AND technique. Establishment 02 ha of trial forest
5 Forestry research strategy formulation of Vietnam to 2020 FORSPA  Tropenbos  1997-2001 2004-2005  Workshops and Forestry research strategy version to 2020
6 Sustainable utilization non timber forest products IUCN    1998-2001 Enhancing the research capacity for staffs of non timber forest products research center
7 Participatory natural resource management project in the communities of ethnic minorities in Son la province JIVC  1999-2002 Enhancing the community working capacity in planning and natural resource management. Training and transfering agiculture cultivation technique in the slopping area, development of producing forest products
8 Minimising Hypsypyla impacts on Chukrasia tabularis (FST 97/24) ACIAR 1999-2002 Establishment 03  trial plantation
9 Improvement of the cultivation technology of Ganoderma lucidum for stably high yeild and good quality IFS  1999-2001  
10 Development of domestication strategies for commercially important species of Meliaseae (FST 96/05) ACIAR   1999-2001 – Establishment 9 test area for 24 origin of Chukrasia tabularis in the different ecosystem area – Trial model for cutting method and  tissue culture.
11 Evaluation the utilization of native species in plantation JICA 2000-2001  – Recommendation the list of native species for plantation – Establishment some models of native trees in some ecosystem
12 Research in and recommendation of technical measures to establish and manage upstream protective forest system in Tay nguyen / Vietnam IFS   2000-2001  
13 Land use and sustainable livehoods in upland Vietnam IIED 2002 -2003 Research and evaluation report on land use and sustainable livehoods in upland Vietnam 
14  Information system Development of FSIV. Enhancing the ability of young forest researchers   APAFRI  and TREELINK 1999-20022002-2003 – Support the equipment for the information sector in FSIV – Organisation training class about biology diversity preservation and participatory research methodology. – Support fund for 17 projects of young researchers.
15 Survey of fuel wood demand and supply possibility in Khanh Ninh commune, Ba be district, Bac kan province/Vietnam IFS 2002-2003 Report about survey of fuel wood demand and supply possibility and evalutation the role of gender in collecting wood and planting for wood.
16 Participatory community forest management in Chieng Sinh commune, Son La town, Son la province  SNV 2003 – 2004 Organisation training classes for transfering seedlings producing technique for farmers participated in proejct, establishment community forest models in some villages, communes
17 Forest rehabiliation process in Vietnam CIFOR 2004-2005 Publication a book about “Forest rehabilitation in Vietnam: Histories, realities and future”
18 Community forestry for ethnic minority villages AVI 2002-2005 Organisation training classes about agryculture extension and veterinary for farmers in two project villages- Establishment 01 forest nursery, over 70 ha of Pines and Acacias, – Providing the good quality materials for rice, fruit trees and other special trees for farmers
19 Reversing environmental degradation trends in the south China sea and gulf of Thailand. UNEP-GEF 2002-2004 Background of researchs relating to mangrove forest. Establishment the programme for mangrove forest in Vietnam
20 Non timber forest products sub – sector support project IUCN 2002-2007 – Support for young researchers doing case studys – Establishment some research model about tree for non timber products- Organising some training classes and some workshops
21 Incountry training course on Afforestation technology on acid sulphate soil in the Mekong delta JICA   2002-2003 – Organising 30 training class for local staffs and farmers about technique of planting and using the wood of Melaleuca sp
22 The future needs of Forest products industry in Vietnam CARD 2001-2002 – Enhancing the ability for researchers – Recommendation some research priorities in forest products research
23 Rehabilitation forest ecosystem by cilviculture technique and agroforestry KOIKA  2003-2005 Establishment 60 ha of rehabilitation research model by cilviculture technique and agroforestry
24 Site management on productivity of plantation in Vietnam CIFOR 2003-2008 Establishment 8.3 ha of Acacia model. Establishment information system of Acacia auriculiformis plantation and Indentification optimal site management mechanism for them
25 Rehabilitation of natural forest in degraded watershed area in ther north of Vietnam (Research component) JICA  2003-2008  – Establishment 8 experimental models for forest restoration and generation (30.9 ha)
26 Use of genetic diversity and biotechnologycal advances in forest tree improvement research (SIDA)   2004-2007  – Establishment suitable breeding selection for the main species for plantation in Vietnam. Application advance breeding selection technology in breeding selection
27 Development and evaluation of sterile triploids and polyploids breeding methodologies for commercial species of Acacias in Vietnam, Sounth America and Australia  (2003/02) ACIAR 2004 – 2008 To be continued
28 Domestication some species of Meliaceae in the North East Asia and Australia, controlling Hypsipyla Robusta ACIAR 2005-2007 To be continued
29 Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalupt sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: Genetic and silviculture ACIAR 2005-2009 To be continued
30 Improving the value chain for plantation-grown eucalupt sawn wood in China, Vietnam and Australia: sawing and drying ACIAR 2005-2009 To be continued
31 Research on technical measesures of mixed plantations establishment bestween Dendrocalamus membranaceus Munro and broad-leaved native tree species in very critical watershed areas of Hoa Binh reservoir IFS 2006-2008 To be continued
32 Rehabilitation of degraded natural forests and landscape restoration on degraded lands using indigenous species as a tool for sustainable rural development in the Central Highlands (to be continued) Czech repubic 2006-2007 – Establishment 70 ha of mixed plantation between Acacia mangium and native speciesand  2 nurseries in Luong Thinh commune – Yen bai province. – Establishment 15 ha of native trees in Luong Thinh station – Restoration with addition planting amd enrichment for 14 ha of natural forest in Kon ha nung – Pleyku province.

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