Setting up a Monitoring & Evaluation System for the Project for Rehabilitation of Natural Forestin DegradedWatershed Areas in the North of Vietnam

During the first phase of the mission, the consultants were to familiarize with the project’s strategy, organization structure, activities and, more specifically, survey current field activities such as demonstration, silvilcultural experiment, on -farm trials and nursery. In addition, the consultants visited following selected forestry-related projects to assess their M&E system and learn experiences:

· Five Million Reforestation Project (Standing Office for Central Steering Committee)

· The Social Forestry Development Project (AFDP/GTZ)

· Forestation project in 3 provinces Bac Giang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh provinces

· Reform Forestry Administration Sector Project (REFAS/GTZ)

· Forestry sector and watershed management (FSP/ADB)

For this purpose, the consultants discussed with project staff, project management and M&E staff from these projects. The detailed mission itinerary for survey the selected forestry projects that based in Hanoi is presented in Annex 1.


The second phase of the mission, main focus was analyzing and assessing M&E systems in term of advantages and disadvantages from visited forestry projects and proposed the appropriate M&E system for RENFONDA project based on lessons learnt.


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