The Annual Steering Committee Meeting in 2022 of the AFoCO Project: Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for Plantation on Degraded Land in Viet Nam’s Northern Mountainous Region

On 30 November 2022, in Ha Noi City, Viet Nam, The Forest Science Centre of North-Eastern Viet Nam (FSNE) that belongs to the Vietnamese Academy of Forestry Sciences (VAFS), organized the Annual Steering Committee Meeting in 2022 of the AFoCO Project “Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for Plantation on Degraded Land in Viet Nam’s Northern Mountainous Region” that to be funded by the Asian Forestry Cooperation Organization (AFoCO). The objectives of the Meeting were to review the implementation progress and achievements of the Project in 2022, and to discuss and approve the project workplan and budget for 2023.

The Meeting was co-chaired by Prof. Vo Dai Hai, President of VAFS, and Mr. Orlando A. Panganiban, Director of Cooperation & Project Division, AFoCO. The Meeting welcomed the participation of Mr. Tran Hieu Minh – Deputy Director of the Science Technology and International Cooperation Department, and Mr. Luu Tien Dat – AFoCO National Focal Point of Viet Nam, VNFOREST; Dr. Le Minh Cuong, Director of FSNE (Implementing Agency); Representatives of the Project Management Board (PMB) of FSNE, and the Department of Science, Training and International Cooperation, VAFS. Especially, the Meeting greatly welcomed the participation of the AFoCO Secretariat representatives: Mr. Orlando A. Panganiban, Mr. Sungho Choi, and Ms. Cha Ji Yea.

Participants attended the PSC meeting

Prof. Vo Dai Hai gave opening remarks

The meeting participants worked on three main sections presented by PMB: i) Review the implementation progress and achievements of the Project in 2022; ii) Discuss and approve the workplan and budget of the project for 2023; and iii) Discuss other relevant matters, including the disbursement plan of the project saving.

In conclusion, the Project Steering Committee highly appreciated the achievements of the Project in 2022, in which the implemented activities were kept on track as planned to meet the project objectives. The representatives of the AFoCO Secretariat stated that the Project Management Board should finalize the workplan and budget of 2023 as soon as possible and submit it to the Secretariat for review and approval. It was also noted that the plan to organize the final workshop and the final report of the project should be prepared and submitted to the Secretariat by September 2023, and the communication and dissemination of the project results should also be promoted in 2023.

On 01 December 2022, the delegates of the AFoCO Secretariat, VNFOREST, and VAFS did the field trip to visit the demonstration models established in Ngoc Thanh commune, Vinh Phuc province. Six (06) established models are: i) Seed orchard of P. caribaea ; ii) Pure plantation of P. caribaea; iii) Mixed plantation of P. caribaea, Cinnamomum bejolghota, and Michelia mediocris Dandy; iv) Transformed seed stand of P. caribaea; v) Planting NTFPs in P. caribaea plantation; and vi) Planting native species in P. caribaea plantation. All models are in good growth and health and the survival rate of seedlings reaches 90-95%.

Site visiting in Vinh Phuc province

The project “Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for plantation on degraded land in Viet Nam’s Northern mountainous region” is funded by AFoCO and implemented by FSNE. The Project is being implemented from 2020-2023 with the goal of developing P. caribaea plantations on degraded land in the northern mountainous region through increasing capacity to produce high-quality seeds and seedlings, and developing planting technical guidelines, intensive plantations, and the technology of processing and preserving of P. caribaea wood that to be in line with the requirements of the markets, contributing to the supply of raw materials for the wood processing industry in Viet Nam.

Dr. Bui Trong Thuy
Deputy Director of FSNE
Director of PMB

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