Map of Hoa Binh Province and Target Area

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Project Target Area


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List of the target communes located in the Watershed Area of Hoa Binh Dam, Hoa Binh Province.

Target District

Target Commune

Target District

Target Commune

Đà Bắc District

Đồng Nghê Commune

Mai Châu District

Tân Mai Commune

Suối Nánh Commune

Phúc Sạn Commune

Mư­ờng Tuổng Commune

Ba Khan Commune

Mường Chiềng Commune

Tân Lạc District

Trung Hoà Commune

Đồng Chum Commune

Ngòi Hoà Commune

Đồng Ruộng Commune

Cao Phong District

Thung Nai Commune

Yên Hoà Commune

Bình Thanh Commune

Tân Dân Commune

Hoà BìnhTown

Thái Thịnh Commune

Tiền Phong Commune

Dân Chủ commune

Vầy N­ưa Commune

Hiền Lương Commune

Toàn Sơn Commune







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