Rehabilitation of Natural Forest in Degraded Watershed Area in the North of Vietnam – RENFODA


The 661 Program is to reforest 5million hectare by 2010 in Vietnam, including 2million ha of Special Use and ProtectionForests. Out of the 2 million ha, 1million each will be reforested through plantation and natural regeneration.

RENFODA project was designed to enhance the effort to increase national forest cover through the 661 Program by the development of the silvicultural techniques for natural forest rehabilitation.

Project Purpose

Sets of technically appropriate and economically affordable measures for natural forest rehabilitation are developed that can be used by forest enterprise, watershed management board, and extension workers.

Project Site

The watershed area of Hoa Binh Dam, Hoa BinhProvince.

Project Duration

From 1st October 2003 to 30th September 2008.

Overall Goal

Sets of technology for natural forest rehabilitation developed by the Project are applied by policy makers and by end users.

Expected Outputs

1. Information on technology, results from other projects, manuals, and valuable experiences regarding natural regeneration, soil conservation measures, upland farming, forestry related policies and people’s participation in watershed area is compiled and systemized.

2. Techniques on silvicultural measures for natural forest rehabilitation, native species seedling production, and farmland management applicable in the field are developed through research and on-farm trials.

3. Monitoring and evaluation system for the overall project implementation and for the respective research and trial activities are established and implemented.

Target beneficiaries

Local farmers who participate in forest management (i.e. those who have been allocated or contracted forest land); Da River Forest Enterprise; Da River Watershed Management Board; and Agriculture and Forestry Extension units.





















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