Project: “Perfecting the technology of producing high-quality multilaminar block from some plantation woods for furniture and art products”.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Funding institution: Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development of Vietnam Project lead organization: Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences Project implementation organization: Research Institute of Forest Industry Project leader: MSc.Ha Tien Manh Implementation time: 2020-2022 TARGETS AND RESEARCH CONTENTS: Targets: Produce multilaminar blocks with diverse sizes, high mechanical and physical properties and high aesthetics, used for experimental … [Read more...]

Helping BacKan farmers to enhance peeled vener production

The ACIAR’ project FST/2008/039 “Enhancement of production of Acacia and Eucalyptus peeled and sliced veneer products in Vietnam and Australia” has been conducted over 4-year period from 2012 to 2016 with the involvement of the University of Melbourne (MoU), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Queensland (DAF), Vietnamese Academic of Forest sciences (VAFS), Vietnamese University of Forestry (VFU) and Center for Agriculture Policies (CAP). Vietnam has more than three million hectare of … [Read more...]

Research on designing devices for uprooting trees after harvest

Dao Vu, To Quoc Huy Forest Industry Research and Technology Transfer Center                                                                   Uprooting trees on natural forest, especially plantation areas after harvest for preparing soil for planting requires many laborers and much time and money. In Vietnam, this work is usually done by hand and in some regions of Vietnam, done by bulldozer with knife or bailer-shaped blades. These methods have a low productivity and effectiveness. To have … [Read more...]

Researching of improved cutting house (ICH) for the regions influenced by cold, hot and dry wind in the Northern and Middle of Viet Nam

Le Xuan Phuc Research Center for Forest Industry Forest Science Institute of Vietnam  Cutting culture is the most suitable method at present in Vietnam to produce seedlings for afforestation because of full heredity, high multiplication and rather simple technology. Green houses have been tested to produce nurslings by cutting in Vietnam but are ineffective because of too strong greenhouse effect during sunshine days and uncorrespondence of the structure with cutting … [Read more...]

Research results on the improvement of equipment and technology for forest site preparation by machinery in hill regions in the North of Vietnam

Doan Van Thu Forest Science Institute of Vietnam             Site preparation for planting by machinery improves soil quality, forest productivity, and decreases labor requirements. In order to have sustainable production and management, the application of machinery in forest site preparation should have reasonable costs and limits soil erosion. Some research results on improvement of equipment and technology for forest site … [Read more...]

Research on the improvement butterfly light trap to prevent pine caterpillar

Pham Dang Quoc Research Center for Forest Industry Pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus punctatus Walker)  damages pine forests in many countries, causing rapid loss of fertility, and so it is a major pest. Four thousand one hundred and thirty three hectares of pine forest has been damaged by pine caterpillar in Nghe An in 2003.  Pine caterpillar operates at night and is highly attracted to light, therefore using light traps for forecast to epidemica and to kill the butterflies of … [Read more...]

Itinerant acroteric ramus and chipping machine microphanerophyte

Nguyen Manh Hoat Forest Industry Technology Transfer and Research Center  Introduced forest species used for timber production in Vietnam are now chiefly used to produce chip wood, building materials, and some are into converted timber. Introduced forest species used for timber in Vietnam (such as Eucalyptus, storax, and Acacia) now make up a large proportion of forest products - about 30%. To make use of this wood, the best solution is as chips for pulp production, and … [Read more...]

Producing E. Urophylla sawnboard for furniture making

Nguyen Quang Trung Research Center for Forest Industry  E. urophylla is one of the main species planted under the 5 Million hectare afforestation program in Vietnam. The E.urophylla plantation area is increasing across the whole country but the utilization of E.urophylla wood is not equal to its potential. Although E.urophylla wood’s physical and mechanical properties are similar to Acacia species and some other natural forest species, the utilization of E.urophlla … [Read more...]

Research on preservation techniques for bamboo used in construction

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc Forest Science Institute of  Vietnam  In Vietnam, bamboo is popularly used as materials for house building in the countryside. The bamboo is preserved according to traditional methods such as soaking the bamboo into a pond or lake, and fumigation as they are easily harmed by insects and fungi and lose force resistant capacity after 4-5 years of use. To improve the effectiveness of bamboo, the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam has conducted research on … [Read more...]

Experimental results on the preventive effect of wood damaging insects of some extracts from plant materials

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Truong Quang Chinh Nguyen Duy Vuong, Nguyen Thi Hang, Le Bach Dang Forest Science Institute of  Vietnam  On the basis of Vietnam’s available floral material sources and using prevention experiences for harmful creatures, the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam has conducted research on the evaluation of the preventive effect of wood damaging insects of some active  compounds extracted from Melia azedarach L, Milletia ichthyochtona Drake, … [Read more...]