Itinerant acroteric ramus and chipping machine microphanerophyte

Nguyen Manh Hoat

Forest Industry Technology Transfer and Research Center 

Introduced forest species used for timber production in Vietnam are now chiefly used to produce chip wood, building materials, and some are into converted timber.

Introduced forest species used for timber in Vietnam (such as Eucalyptus, storax, and Acacia) now make up a large proportion of forest products – about 30%.

To make use of this wood, the best solution is as chips for pulp production, and planks for the domestic market. So research on wood chips and small branches is essential to enhance the value of plantations. 

Basis for research design of a machine to chop wood chips           

Big excess acroteric rameal and first wood mass is materials source a-plenty lied passim Dwelt logging timber districts.           

Migration mincing-machines (i.e. Sweden, China, and Taiwan) have big power, are expensive and so do not accord to small scale, itinerant needs.           

There is 2 kind of chipping machines: Empty type chipping Machine; Disc type chipping Machine

Basic parameter, considerations for machine design determination    

+ Size of chip to hash, the volume of raw materials, raw materials for hash size.    

+ The size pieces, stems and wood flame without the proper rules.

Calculate machine elaborate design: As diameter disk hash( D); Capacity for chopped wood (Nb ); Power to push chips out of the chamber chips (Nđ)

Research method: Calculate theoretically; Test correcting; Measurement of vibration of the machine when the load and no load by hand-held computer vibrate Examiner – 1000 by the American company Monarch production; Power’s engine capacity measured by measuring device handheld Fluke – 39U.S.A production           

Mincing-machine with specifications:

  • Average yield:                                       Q = 4 tonnes/ hour
  • Diameter limit can be hashed timber is: D =  (4 ¸ 14) cm
  • Probable chump length be:                                L  =  (40  ¸  500 ) cm
  • Rate of the chip:                                               x  ³   94,6  %
  • Electrical power cost order to produce: p  =  (6 ¸ 6,5 ) Kw / tonnes
  • Way Compartment sharpen a knife: After be measure: Q = (40-50) tonnes
  • Diameter disk hash ( D)
  • Power used for hash wood  ( Nb)
  • Power to push chips out of the chamber chips (Nđ)
  • Quiver of machine when weighted and no-load Permissible limit inbuilt
  • Power  engine all along the process work = (78 – 86)% Nđc

Principle axis disc axis's fact number of revolution minced first upper                       

nMin   = 605 (rol/p.m)                       

nMax   = 665 (rol/p.m) 

The practical requirements of production for study subjects should have very good results and create new models with many advantages and which can be transferred into production. The technical features of the machine to reach the required value engineering design are:– Utilization of unsuitable planted forest timber (wooden stem tops, the pieces) to produce chips as raw materials for pulp, and hash wood average quality for domestic demand.

– HP hash chips completely satisfying the technical requirements to be chopped into small wooden tops and branches that large computer chip hash meet for large capacity, high-cost devices that are not material scattered concentration.

– HP hash chips ensure design requirements in quality, fine art and vibrations in the allowed limit. Complimentary use minced hot disk capacity of about 4 tons per hour to ensure appropriate structures for compact, easy mobility properties suitable for cultivation and exploitation of forests is scattered in size of households and farms. 

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