Researching of improved cutting house (ICH) for the regions influenced by cold, hot and dry wind in the Northern and Middle of Viet Nam

Le Xuan Phuc

Research Center for Forest Industry

Forest Science Institute of Vietnam 

Cutting culture is the most suitable method at present in Vietnam to produce seedlings for afforestation because of full heredity, high multiplication and rather simple technology.

Green houses have been tested to produce nurslings by cutting in Vietnam but are ineffective because of too strong greenhouse effect during sunshine days and uncorrespondence of the structure with cutting culture. Therefore, for the reasons the research is very necessary and practical 

Methods and Materials

– To select typical samples and to assess by experts, to combine theories and control experiments, to calculate data and graph by software Excel 2003

– Specialized materials (anti-sunlight net, envelope of transparent nylon, glass), common building materials, water pipes and spare parts,

– Specialized equipment (water pump, sprayer, auto-control equipment), digital light meter, thermometer and hygrometer,.. 

Traditional glass houses have a welded steel frame and the roof and wall are covered with composite sheets. The cutting beds are brick and then pressed with soul or sand. Traditionally the base is lower than the path causing the seedings to remain wet and succumb to disease and often the watering system is not scientifically designed which also causes problems.

In this project the welded steel frame used a more simple design and the round cover light system was made of specialized net which can be pulled out or gathered independently by hand. Three levels of cover light can be obtained depends on weather and tree species. Other improvements tested included a multi-floor cutting bed, a planned watering system and temperature control…        

The climatic factors of cutting environment in all floors of cutting bed achieved need requirements for cutting of forest trees in the most severe climates: very hot and dry in July in Quang Tri province, cold and drizzly from Sept to Feb. in Ba Vi in the improved cutting house but they can’t be in common ones. Acacia and Eucalyptus are light preferring species but their rooting rates in all cutting bed of ICH in the most severe climates conditions are nearly equal those of ECH in good weather conditions. In comparison between ICH and ECH In cold and drizzly season in Ba Vi (from Sept to Feb of next year): the rooting rate of Chieu lieu (rather difficult to root) reaches 56.7%, more than 3 times and of Bach xanh (very difficult to root) reaches 40%, more than 2 times.

The rooting time of the above spieces by cutting is higher and the average length of root is longer and the average number of root per seedling is more.  

The structures of ICH is simple, easy to manufacture and installation while construction costs and production costs are much smaller than with the greenhouse. Otherwise ICH is fully suitable with tropical climate. The multi-floor cutting bed with structural module not only to ensures the required factors of cutting environment but also increases the area of cutting culture and to be suitable for industrial technology of seeding production and to reduce investment costs and production price. ICH is not only to replace the green house, the ECH in the Northern and the Middle of Vietnam but also the ones in the Central Highlands and the South if the results of the research are applied selectively.

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