Research on the improvement butterfly light trap to prevent pine caterpillar

Pham Dang Quoc

Research Center for Forest Industry

Pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus punctatus Walker)  damages pine forests in many countries, causing rapid loss of fertility, and so it is a major pest. Four thousand one hundred and thirty three hectares of pine forest has been damaged by pine caterpillar in Nghe An in 2003.  Pine caterpillar operates at night and is highly attracted to light, therefore using light traps for forecast to epidemica and to kill the butterflies of pine caterpillar is effective without causing environmental pollution.

Most of the butterfly light traps in Vietnam are imported, and have technical features which are not consistent with the conditions of use in Vietnam (low mobility, high cost etc). Therefore, research is necessary.

Surveying and collecting the light-trap samples (both ones made in Viet Nam and imported ones), define specifications and the advantages and disadvantages to inherit and improve. Design and manufacture the light-trap models using battery and grid electricity. Experimenting and evaluating light trap samples. Guiding technology of use of light for production facilities

Methodology: Selecting sample; Copying of the inheritance for design; Calculating some of the main specifications theoretically; Experimentation: Measuring the specifications and experimenting samples on the field with homogeneous of experimental conditions such as: location, time, light value equivalent; Using Statistical methods for process obtained data.

Some improvements on the researched light trap in comparison to the best imported one.

+ The polars and security mesh made of normal steel is replaced by rustless steel

+ Gaps of around security mesh of the lights is increased to reduce the obstructing parts butterfly flew discharge

+ Improve the primary source of light: using battery power instead of the grid electricity and power generators to expand the scope of the use of light in the forest and reduce using costs. 

Confronting experiment results:

Experiment results conducted at Nghi Loc forest enterprise (Nghe An) in May and October 2007 show: light using grid electricity is of the ability to attract and kill butterfly Pine caterpillars equivalent to imported light like PCL 307 (Italy)

Experiment results carried out at Nam Dan forest enterprise, Nghe An province in September  2007 show: light using battery power ensures the ability to kill butterflies of pine caterpillar with high mobility and can be placed in deep forest without generator or grid electricity, ensuring continuous operation during the night, stable, easily transported by motor or two people. 

– Using butterfly light traps in the prediction and prevention of pests in general and the pine caterpillar
in particular is a simple and effective measure.

– Two improved light traps in Vietnam have lower price in comparison to imported ones with the equivalent specifications, making sure to use stable, easy, safe, able to attract and kill butterflies pine caterpillar. Improved light using battery power is highly mobile, which can be placed in forest without a generator or grids electricity. 

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