Initial results of research on neohouzeana dulloa culms preservation as a raw material in fine handicraft commodities production

Nguyen Van Duc, Le Bach Dang, Dinh Van Tien, Nguyen Thi Hang 

Forest Science Institute of  Vietnam 

Neohouzeana dulloa constitutes one of the valuable forest product resources. N. dulloa Culms are used in many fields such as building, handicrafts and fine-handicraft production serving consumption domestically as for export. This bamboo is however easily damaged by biological agents diminishing its quality as a raw material. In production at present this bamboo must be submerged in ponds or lakes for 3-4 months, causing water pollution. Prompted by this fact a research subject is carried out: “Research on selecting preservatives and preservation technology to preserve N. dulloa as raw material in production of handicraft and fine-handicraft commodities serving consumption in home country and export” aimed at raising product quality, saving production time, contributing to mitigating water pollution in handicraft villages, and enhancing production.

Materials and methods: Neohouzeana dulloa as raw material; Forest product preservatives LN5, XM5, cislin; Application of testing procedure to evaluate the efficiency of preservatives against moulding fungi and pest insects in conformity with domestic and international standards.Research on selection of preservatives for preservation of N. dlloa as a raw material

– Cislin is effective against borers of N. dulloa, suitable for preliminarily treating the raw material.

– XM5, LN 5 are effective for preventing attack by moulding fungi and insects damaging N. dulloa at 5% concentration, under submersion for 7 days.

Research on capacity of preservative absorption of  N. dulloa.XM5, LN 5 are well absorbed when used at 5% concentration and submersion time is 7 days.Research on impact of preservatives on mechanical, physical properties and color of N. dulloa

– The effect of XM5, LN 5 on bending strength as well as shear strength and at glue joints of N. dulloa is inconsiderable.– The color of N. dulloa impregnated with LN5 is little changed and LN5 can be used to preserve the handicraft commodities of required natural color.

– The color of N. dulloa samples impregnated with XM5 is much changed as compared with LN5 thus it can be used for preservation of handicraft commodities that need dyeing.Research results show that XM5, LN5 are suitable for use in handicraft commodities production at 5% concentration, submersion in 7 days, preventing damage by biological agents such as moulding fungi, termites and borers.

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