The project “Capacity and knowledge development for applied forest management practices for state forest companies and smallholders in Vietnam (PSFM2)” is being implemented in accordance with the decision approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with No.4441 /QĐ-BNN-HTQT on 5 November 2002. PSFM 2 is recruiting national consultant(s) for “Conducting a study on options to integrate Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices into the Vietnamese Payment for Forest … [Read more...]

Meeting with the Delegation of US Embassy

On 14 September 2022, the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS) received the delegation from the US Embassy and the US Forest Service to visit and work at VAFS Headquarters in Ha Noi. Members of the US side included Mr. Andrew Wylie – Vice Director of the Environment, Science, Technology and Health Service; Mr. Lee Schneckenberger, Fish & Wildlife Service; Mr. Ralph Bean, Foreign Agriculture Service and other representatives of the US Forestry Service. From VAFS, Dr. Doan Van Thu, … [Read more...]

Mid-term Workshop of the AFoCO Project “Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for plantation on degraded land in Viet Nam’s Northern mountainous region”

On 27 June 2022, in Ha Noi city, Viet Nam, The Forest Science Centre of North-Eastern Viet Nam (FSNE), under the Vietnamese Academy of Forestry Sciences (VAFS), organized the Mid-term Workshop of the AFoCO Project “Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for plantation on degraded land in Viet Nam's Northern mountainous region” funded by the Asian Forestry Cooperation Organization (AFoCO). The workshop was held to review the progress and achievements of the Project, also to discuss the implementation … [Read more...]

Inception workshop of the Project “Capacity building of wood ID for Vietnam toward development and effective operation of V-WISC in Vietnam”

On 22 June 2022, the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS) in collaboration with the United States Forest Service (USFS) organized the inception workshop of the Project “Capacity building of wood identification for Vietnam toward development and effective operation of V-WISC in Vietnam” to introduce the project, its objectives and activities and also to discuss the implementation plan of the project. Prof. Dr. Vo Dai Hai, President of VAFS, gave opening remarks Mr. … [Read more...]

GFOI Plenary 2017 from 9-12 April 2017 in Viet Nam

Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI), together with the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI) of Vietnam and partners, will host the annual GFOI Plenary meeting of 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 9 to 12 April. The open plenary sessions will be held on 11-12 April, with additional invitation only meetings being held on 9-10 April. The Plenary meetings will gather GFOI partners from around the world to discuss the latest developments in national forest monitoring issues … [Read more...]

POLICY IN BRIEF – Call for a Tree Domestication Strategy in Vietnam

A national strategy for tree domestication is needed to guide efforts to promote conservation and use of priority indigenous tree species in Vietnam. - Investment policies are needed to support breeding production and promote breeds quality management. - Eco-physiological characterisation is needed to study a range of tree species that are well matched to varying environment conditions and climate change. - Conservation efforts should be performed at both genebank and on-farm levels in … [Read more...]

Forestry Certification Workshop 2014 on 8 December 2014 at Hanoi, Vietnam

These days, the increasing demand for forestry materials and products is raising the public’s awareness about these materials and products’ sustainability. The issues of global warming, which are emerging alongside the issues of climate change, deforestation, and illegal logging, are concerning people across the globe. In recent years, focus on forestry-based industries, as one of the leading causes of deforestation globally has grown. However, in reality, the existence of a viable and … [Read more...]

Regional Workshop on Payment for Environmental Services on 24-25 November 2014 at Hanoi, Vietnam

The Workshop will be jointly organized by the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The Workshop will be organized on 24-25 November 2014 at Hanoi, Vietnam aimed at the following objectives: Presentation of key approaches and lessons learnt for design and implementation of payment for environmental services in different country studied as well as … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences and Korea National Arboretum signed an agreement to research biodiversity conservation between Vietnam and Korea period of 2014-2020

On 14/10, in Pyeongchang - Korea, on the sidelines of the workshop "forest seeds and plant conservation area in East Asia, Director of Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Vo Dai Hai and General Manager Korea National Arboretum, Dr. You Mi Lee has signed a collaborative research agreement. According to the agreement, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences  will carry out research in the field of biodiversity, plant physiology and functions of forests and forest vegetation … [Read more...]

The International Forestry Review – Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People: The Role of Research “XXIV IUFRO World Congress, 5–11 October 2014” (Abstract)

Source: (International Forestry Review) Abstract download Preface On behalf of the Congress Scientifi c Committee1 for the XXIV World Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) – the world’s network of forest science – it is my pleasure to present this collection of abstracts of plenary, sub-plenary, technical, and poster presentations which constitute the Congress scientifi c program. These 2,430 abstracts represent … [Read more...]