POLICY IN BRIEF – Call for a Tree Domestication Strategy in Vietnam

15-03-27 Policy inBrief

A national strategy for tree domestication is needed to guide efforts to promote conservation and use of priority indigenous tree species in Vietnam.

– Investment policies are needed to support breeding production and promote breeds quality management.

– Eco-physiological characterisation is needed to study a range of tree species that are well matched to varying environment conditions and climate change.

– Conservation efforts should be performed at both genebank and on-farm levels in order to support domestication.

– A set of criteria for prioritising species selection for domestication should include: National importance, Eco-regional importance, Domestic suitability for farm and plantation, Market demand, Product value, Gaps in collection, Level of Threat, and Adaptive traits.

See more: Catacutan et al 2014-TREE DOMESTICATION BRIEF-Eng-final

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