Mapping the potential for REDD+ to deliver biodiversity conservation in Viet Nam

A preliminary analysis Rebecca Mant, Steven Swan, Hoang Viet Anh, Vu Tan Phuong, Le Viet Thanh, Vo Thanh Son, Monika Bertzky, Corinna Ravilious, Julia Thorley, Kate Trumper and Lera Miles Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 REDD+: opportunities and risks for biodiversity 1.2 Mapping and REDD+ planning 1.3 REDD+ readiness efforts in Viet Nam 1.4 Changes in quality and quantity of Viet Nam’s forests 2. Developing maps of forest biomass carbon, forest cover change and biodiversity 2.1 … [Read more...]

Trajectories of deforestation, coffee expansion and displacement of shifting cultivation in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

ABSTRACT Production of commodities for global markets is an increasingly important factor of tropical deforestation, taking over smallholders subsistence farming. Measures to reduce deforestation and convert shifting cultivation systems towards permanent crops have recently been strengthened in several countries. But these changes have variable environmental and social impacts, including on ethnic minorities. In Vietnam, although a forest transition – i.e. shift from shrinking to expanding … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science (VAFS) Annual report 2012

PART I. GENERAL CONTEXT, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES General context: • In 2012, althought domestic economy was difficult but VAFS has strengthened and developed in the right direction of Resolution 20/NQ-TW of The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam about science and technology development. • VAFS was awarded the Second Independent Medal; held successfully Conference on Forestry Science and Technology in North Central Coast Region of Vietnam and 30 year anniversary … [Read more...]

Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV) annual report 2011

PART I.  ACHIEVEMENTS, POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES Achievements: ·                The Prime Minister announced the creation of the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science by upgrading the status of the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam, ·                Implementation a new five year plan for the period of 2011-2015, ·                Seventh year FSIV has successfully tendered for the establishment and implementation of scientific and technological forestry projects and being … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science (VAFS)

VIETNAMESE ACADEMY OF FOREST SCIENCES (VAFS)      Add: Dong Ngac Commune - Tu Liem District - Hanoi, Vietnam      Tel: 84- 4- 38389031      Fax: 84 -4- 38389722       E-mail:      Website: The Forest Research Institute was precursor of the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam, which was established in 1961. The Forest Research Institute  developed from 1961 to 1971, then divided in to three institutes (Forestry Institute 1972-1988, Forest Industry Institute … [Read more...]

Progess in the genetic improvement for some main commercial planting tree species in Vietnam

Ha Huy Thinh, Nguyen Duc Kien, Phi Hong Hai Doan Thi Mai Mai Trung Kien, Le Son  and Do Huu Son Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement, FSIV SUMMARY FSIV has a long running program of genetic improvement for some of the principle plantation species to select the best genetic material for high productivity and wood quality for the various wood and non-wood forest products. FSIV has also been developing mass-propagation techniques to assist in the technological transfer of the genetically … [Read more...]

Vietnam Journal of Forest Science Number 1-2010

1. RESEARCH ON COMPETITION INDICIES OF EVERGREEN BROAD LEAF, NATURAL FORESTS IN KON HA NUNG    Nguyen Thanh Son, Tran Van Con Silvicultural Techniques Research DivisionForest Science Institute of Vietnam Nguyen Danh Deputy head of the NA deputies delegation of Gialai province   SUMMARY Competition indices reflect the spatial growth constellation of individual trees within a stand and the interaction between them through spatial occupancy and resource exploitation. Competition indices may … [Read more...]