Research results on the development of RHIZOBIUM technology for hybrid acacia and acacia mangium in nursery and planation

Le Quoc Huy, Nguyen Minh Chau

Center for Biotechnology in Forestry – FSIV                             

Hybrid Acacia (A. mangium + A. auriculiformis) and A. mangium are prresently important for many Afforestation Projects in Vietnam, regarding both economical and ecological purposes. The research of rhizobium technology development was set up in the context of Five Million Hectar Afforestation Program. A useful rhizobium technology has been successfully studied and developed for the two species including isolating & screening techniques in in-vitro, glass-house and nursery, multiplication & inoculum production techniques, storage & maintenace techniques, inoculation and inoculum application techniques at nursery and plantation stages. Six strains of most beneficial rhizobia for hybrid acacia and A. mangium has been selected and developed inoculant for application in nursery and plantation trials. The growth response of hybrid acacia in nursery to the rhizobium application was as high as 200% apx. as compared to 100% in control (height, diameter, dried weight) and similarly 30 % after one year & 20%(height, diameter)  after two year of planting in plantation trials. 

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