The International Forestry Review – Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People: The Role of Research “XXIV IUFRO World Congress, 5–11 October 2014” (Abstract)

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On behalf of the Congress Scientifi c Committee1 for the XXIV World Congress of the

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) – the world’s network

of forest science – it is my pleasure to present this collection of abstracts of plenary,

sub-plenary, technical, and poster presentations which constitute the Congress scientifi c

program. These 2,430 abstracts represent the results of the latest research of thousands of

forest scientists and students from over 100 countries, as well as the signifi cant contributions

of the more than 200 colleagues who organized over 170 technical and sub-plenary

sessions. We thank all of these colleagues, as well as members of 2014 Congress Organizing

Committee and colleagues from IUFRO Headquarters in Vienna for their unstinting

support of the Congress Scientifi c Committee’s work since 2011.

The Congress title, Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People: The Role of Research,

refl ects both core values of our profession and the aims of IUFRO, whose mission is to

promote global cooperation in forest-related research and to enhance the understanding of

the ecological, economic and social aspects for forests and trees; as well as to disseminate

scientifi c knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and to contribute to policy

and on-the ground forest management.

14-10-16 Forestry Review

In its 2010–2014 Strategy, IUFRO committed itself to strengthen forest research for

the benefi t of forests and people by addressing the changing needs and priorities of forest

science and IUFRO’s members, The strategy also sought to expand IUFRO’s strategic

partnerships and cooperation by promoting interdisciplinary scientifi c cooperation;

increasing involvement of students (our future) in IUFRO’s activities; expanding partnerships

with international organizations, governments and stakeholders; and strengthening

communication and linkages with the broader scientifi c community, policy-makers,

and society at large. These objectives are embodied in the seven Congress themes,

encompassing the full range of IUFRO’s traditional and emerging scientifi c priorities.

These themes, around which the Congress scientifi c program was built, explore issues of

paramount importance for the future of forests and the broad spectrum of environmental,

social, cultural, and economic benefi ts that forests provide to people in both rural

and urban societies worldwide: Forests for People, Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Services, Forests and Climate Change, Forest and Water Interactions, Forest Biomass

and Bioenergy, Forests and Forest Products for a Greener Future, and Forest Health in a

Changing World.

Regardless of your particular areas of interest and scientifi c expertise, we hope that

this volume of abstracts—organized by Congress program structure with its menu of

5 plenary, 19 sub-plenary, and more than 170 technical and poster sessions—will

encourage, perhaps inspire, you to explore and expand your interests in a broad array of

contemporary topics in forest science.

Dr. John A. Parrotta

U.S. Forest Service, Research & Development

Chair, Congress Scientifi c Committee

Source: (International Forestry Review) Abstract download


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