Mapping the potential for REDD+ to deliver biodiversity conservation in Viet Nam

A preliminary analysis

Rebecca Mant, Steven Swan, Hoang Viet Anh, Vu Tan Phuong, Le Viet Thanh,
Vo Thanh Son, Monika Bertzky, Corinna Ravilious, Julia Thorley, Kate Trumper
and Lera Miles

13-09-13 REDD

1. Introduction
1.1 REDD+: opportunities and risks for biodiversity
1.2 Mapping and REDD+ planning
1.3 REDD+ readiness efforts in Viet Nam
1.4 Changes in quality and quantity of Viet Nam’s forests
2. Developing maps of forest biomass carbon, forest cover change and biodiversity
2.1 Mapping forest cover and carbon density
2.2 Mapping deforestation
2.3 Mapping forest management functions
2.4 Mapping forest biodiversity
3. Synthesis maps and REDD+ planning
4. Conclusions
5. Recommendations
6. Maps

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