Research on forest structure of Schima superba Gardn. Et Champ in central highlands

Vo Dai Hai, Nguyen Hoang Tiep Forest Science Institute of Vietnam             Schima superba Gardn. Et Champ is one of the large-sized, native, multi-purpose trees, often encountered in evergreen-broad-leaved forests that have undergone exploitation in provinces of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This tree has been over used while our knowledge about it is rather little thus lacking in scientific bases for sustainable … [Read more...]

Criteria for very poor natural forests to be converted into economic sufficient forests

Tran Van Con Forest Science Institute of Vietnam  Much tropical primary forest cover decline is accompanied by an increase in the area of secondary forests (heavily degraded forest) in Vietnam. Based on the method of establishment of secondary degraded forest, four major categories were identified in Viet Nam: (1) post-extraction secondary forests, (2) swidden fallow secondary forests; (3) post-fire secondary forests; and (4) rehabilitated secondary forest after failed … [Read more...]

Research results of evergreen broad leaved and semi-Decidouous forests in Vietnam

Tran Van Con Forest Science Institute of Vietnam  Natural tropical forests are characterized by an immense diversity of plant and animal species, a complex structure and architecture of the vegetation and a mosaic of vegetation development phases. They are never homogeneous, neither in structure nor in architecture, even where there has been no filling or other artificial impacts. Gaps, varying in size and frequency, and here and there “climber tangles” or thickets of … [Read more...]

Research on carbon sequestration of pure Pinus massoniana forest

Vo Dai Hai, Dang Thinh Trieu Forest Science Institute of Vietnam Research on carbon sequestration of the forest is one of the important research activities serving as a basis for the identification of forest value and establishment of a mechanism for environmental services. This issue was and is being paid attention by the Government of Vietnam and the world in the recent years. The research is implemented under framework of a research subject entitled: "Research on carbon … [Read more...]

Study on solution of soil and forest production management for Acacia planation in next rotation

Vu dinh huong, Pham The Dung,Nguyen Thanh Binh, Le Thanh Quang Phân viện Nghiên cứu Kkhoa học Lâm nghiệp Nam Bộ  This paper presented the effects of slash management on tree growth of Acacia auriculiformis plantation and chemical property of soil during first four years. Retention of slash increased the volume growth by 7-10% depending on the amount of retained slash. At the same time, slash residues impacted and improved soil properties through increasing of … [Read more...]

Experimental intensive planting of introduced bamboo species for shoot production

Do Van Ban Forest Plant Resources Research Division (FPRRD) Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV)  Some bamboo species can provide edible shoots, and these have become sworldwide clean vegetable source. Countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan had suggested planting bamboo species for shoot production not only for local consumers but also for processing many kinds of bamboo products to export. Vietnam is very rich in bamboo species, and among these some … [Read more...]

Study of the rotation methodology between Eucalyptus and Acacia to improve soil fertility andincrease forest productivity

Pham Duc Chien Forest Science Institute of Vietnam   Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp) and Acacia (Acacia spp) are popular species for forest plantations in Vietnam to provide timber, firewood, materials for paper industry, manmade boards, and for construction. In order to combine the fast growing characteristics and large biomass of Eucalyptus with the capacity of Acacia to improve soil fertility and the environment, the study of rotation methodology between Acacia and Eucalyptus … [Read more...]

Initial research results on Jatropha development for feedstock and biodiesal production in Vietnam

Le Quoc Huy Center for Biotechnology in Forestry Forest Science Institute of Vietnam In the project framework of Jatropha development for feedstock and biodiesal production in Vietnam (2007-2010) so far, 24 Jatropha provenances, of which 18 imported and 6 local ones have been selected and tested in different ecological zones in Vietnam. Forty eight candidate plus trees (CPT) of Jatropha have been analyzed and qualified for selection from the wild population with seed … [Read more...]

Silviculatural techniques for planting rattan (Calamus tetradactylus Hance) in home gardens and under forest canopy

Le Thu Hien, Nguyen Tu Kim, Lưu Quoc Thanh   Forest Plant Resource Research Division   Rattan is a non-timber forest product species. Due to its highly commercial value, in recent years, rattan is widely planted with two popular growing patterns: in the home garden and under the canopy of forests. This paper aims to introduce planting techniques from nursery to plantation with a special focus on the combination of local knowledge and scientific research … [Read more...]

Result on evaluation of growth of Michelia mediocris and cinnamomum obtusifolium in plantation

Nguyen Duc Kien, Ngo Van Chinh Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement The objective of the study was to determine suitable plantation establishment method for planting of Michelia mediocris and Cinnamomum obtusifolium in Vietnam. The study was conducted in silvicultural trials and plantations of these species in Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa and Gia Lai provinces. The results showed non-significant differences in growth of the two species in pure stands and mixed stands either … [Read more...]