Technological advanced germplasm BV22

  • Gernplasm code: BV22
  • Species: Eucalyptus camaldunensis
  • Decision No: 2763/ QĐ-BNN – LN, dated 1stOctober 2009
  • Author: Ha Huy Thinh, Nguyen Duc Kien, Phi Hong Hai, Do Huu Son
  • Contact address: Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement, Forest Science Institute of Vietnam, Dong Ngac – Tu Liem – Ha Noi – Vietnam
  • Superior characteristics:
    • Growth: MAI at favourable sites: 39.5 m3/ha/year
  • Planting areas: Southern centre and areas with the same environment conditions
  • Ability of gernplasm provide: planlets and cuttings
  • bv22

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