Conservation Status and Breeding Work of Conifer Species in Vietnam with Reference to Pines

Nguyen Hoang Nghia

Forest Science Institute of Vietnam, Dong Ngac, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam 

The paper presented at the Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines Conference. KFRI-IUFRO, Yangyang, Korea, 22-26 September 2008.


Among more than 50 conifer species found in Vietnam, the country has 33 native species which belong to 19 genera of six families. There are seven endemic species which include two species from Cupressaceae (Cupressus torulosa and Calocedrus rupestris), two species from Pinaceae (P. dalatensis and P. krempfii), two species from Taxaceae (Amentotaxus hatuyenensis and A. poilanei) and one species from Taxodiaceae (Xanthocyparis vietnamensis). Based on International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (2001) categories, the native conifer species in Vietnam can be classified as CR (3 species), EN (11), VU (11), NT (1), LC (4) and three species were not evaluated (NE) due to lack of information. Among three critically endangered species, C. torulosa has only some seedlings in the wild and 40 trees planted in Huu Lien Nature Reserve; Glyptostrobus pensilis has only two populations in one province, the first population has only 30 trees and the second population has 230 dying trees; and Taxus wallichiana has less than 250 mature individuals in one province in South Vietnam.

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